Where's My Refund?

To get to your personal refund information, be ready to enter your:

  • Social Security Number (or IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)

  • Filing status (Single, Married Filing Joint Return, Married Filing Separate Return, Head of Household, or Qualifying Widow(er))

  • Exact refund amount shown on your return If you don’t receive your refund within 28 days from the original IRS mailing date shown on Where’s My Refund?, you can start a refund trace online.

Okay now, Where's My Refund? or ¿ Dónde está mi reembolso?



Cashier's Check

The Cashier's Check is the traditional disbursement method for a refund.

File by Phone Service

Q-TAX provides you a convenient way to file your taxes without even leaving home.  Cincinnati and surrounding areas can call us at 513-771-1043 to start.


It's super easy!  Click here for more information.


Schedule a Pickup

We will pickup and drop off your tax returns.  Just complete the following information to have an agent contact you to schedule pickup.


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Anticipation Loan

A refund anticipation loan (RAL) is a short-term loan secured by a taxpayer’s expected tax refund, and designed to offer customers quicker access to funds than waiting for their tax refund.


Ask about alternatives to this program.

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Feeling a little overwhelmed with your taxes? Preparing your own income taxes can be a complicated and confusing process.  At Q-Tax, our tax preparers understand your concerns and are equipped to answer all of your questions.  We have the  tools, expertise and resources to help you prepare your return and get the most money back in the shortest amount of time possible.

Paper Check

If you prefer the old-school method of a paper check, select this option. You will wait longer, but have the satisfaction of taking that money all the way to the bank. If you electronically file, you will receive your check within three weeks. If you mail in your return, it will take six to eight weeks.

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Join others to become a Certified Preparer.   


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Direct Deposit

As long you have a bank account, this is a convenient option. You will get your money faster than waiting around for a check in the mail. Usually it takes 8-15 days to receive your refund if you electronically file. With a mailed-in return, expect it to take 5-7 weeks.


Information to ponder

Electronic tax filing (or e-filing) is a process where tax documents are submitted to the Internal Revenue Service through the internet or direct connection, usually without the need to submit any paper documents.

Of the 139.3 million U.S. returns filed in 2007, 79.98 million or about 57.4 percent were filed electronically.

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